[Lyrics] B-Red – Zone Lyrics

[Verse 1: LyidCline]

Tom talking’ ain’t listening

Matter fact if you ask I’m preoccupied

Put a point, pin it jus to make a statement

Cause the pressure don’t exceed the way I want diamonds

It falls over cause the glitter rise

In discussion wen I call, her ID red flag

Long legs, fine ass melanin’ drippin’

I’mma call her over jus to get her drippin’

Need face time? Forgot I promised her

Need a date line? You can start at first

Negativity creeping as I want improvement

So judgemental buh you know the drill

Juss knocked off, damn early?

With the ass so groove like jam alley

As I watched her move, pass the alley

They needed resurrection like scooters pizza

She calling me stranger like I’m In Moscow

Wrote this before I went to Vocal surgery

Now I’m back healed, finishing Transition

You can take a step back n observe

All yours for tonight, like Diana

As she knew I hate sleeping alone

It’s been debatable kinda like talking facts

It’s subtle but I feel it, uncomfortable

On a party long run like Bolt in

So you wanna go home call bolt in

So I’m tryna go back oh bolt in

I’mma cover my own typa red zone

Heart emoji on my flex she boasting

Buh I told her let’s confirm before we go public

Now they minister covering our affires

But I told you, that we not such shii’


[Chorus: Both LyidCline & Beekay B]

I might, just convince her to stay this night

Cause we gotta avoid this… Red Zone

I might, just convince her to stay this night

Cause we gotta avoid this…


[Verse 2: Beekay B]

Ehy, meet me halfway

I’mma end pulling with a check all these people on my neck (woo)

Coming up high and I’m running I’m not going back

Cause I used to have jack


You coming with a sack all we need is a pack or a bag

Fill it with a cash

All these girls you see are not worthy to be seen

I’m saying this once I don’t wanna cause a scene

But I’m honest when it comes to change a girl who broke my heart

That shit isn’t cool so

I’mma end acting like a student doing arts ooh

I might be a lion sized dog and I’m giggling

I might be worst human being I ain’t pimping

At the street club popping bottles I ain’t sipping

But on a good case you can find me in kitchen

Checking on my gal cause I ain’t doing any dishes

On another good case lemme tell a story this is me

Checking everybody, cause I care a lot

You may be my ex or my gal I don’t care

What I mean is that I care cause

Everybody needs it you can tell me if I’m wrong

If you think you know me you should listen to this song

I got a couple things everybody wanna know

Maybe it’s the time

You check my insta if you wanna see my pictures

I, come up with the bag and I zip it I ain’t tripping

I just wanna mind my business ooh




[Outro: Beekay B]

Yeah, yeah, yeah

Issa red zone

Issa red zone


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