[Lyrics] Basketmouth – Assembly Of Gods (Ft. Falz, Flavour, The Cavemen, Magnito, iLLBliss & Dremo) Lyrics







[Verse 1: The Cavemen]


[Verse 2: Falz]

Get Up, Get Up


Yewo, Yewo


Boys dey for cave (Ye)

Stripper dey stage (Ha)

Hooker dey for babes (What)

Nobody Complain (Cheii)

Nobody need to vex

Omo no cause for rage (Omo no cause oh)

Oh papa carry yellow sissy like him daughter age

She treat am nice

Him don be customer tey (Tey, tey)

I leave my friends wey be bad influence called Omah Lay (Baller, baller)

Una no get the memo

Today na my day (Na today oh)

So kilamashey (Ye)

Get up and spray

Show them say paper dey

Shey they think say na play

Na so male call my phone

Say Folarin jeka pray


[Refrain: The Cavemen]


[Verse 3: Magnito]

Fresh out

Give am extra money incase she’s smoothie

Make some smoothie, Incase she’s cold

Give am Hoodie

We own Africa, we get goon

Some dey Burundi


If you get money dey buy designer

I fit employ Nicki Minaj and sack Rihanna

I don’t buy G-Wagon for enemies, I buy Sienna


Fresh Out


[Refrain: The Cavemen]


[Verse 4: Flavour]

This life na cruise oh

If you rush am you go lose oh

If you dey vex for your pocket

Dey your dey make I dey my dey

If you happy (?)

I say my life na stress free

Happy People dey live long oh




[Refrain: Flavour, The Cavemen]


[Verse 5: Illbliss]


Mad lines over beats even doper Acapella

Top tier versatility slash nobility slash lyrical ability

Mad agility

Lyrical panther

Fuck any senseless banter

All hustling that’s the mantra



[Refrain: The Cavemen]


[Verse 6: Dremo]

You don’t talk on a Friday

Jumoke, Aliyah and Ekaette

I fit no fine oh but paa dey

Cos I’m living my life on a high way

Omo for this life make you dey catch cruise

Poco Lee no reach, I’m kiddwaya with the dance move

Curfew na twelve, I dey commot for quarter past two

Ahn Ahn

Motivational Speaker

Buchi go cast you

Guys I dey counsel

Girls I dey cancel

Getting cheese, quick bread

Something like a fast food

Shori during the weekend

Mo na nawo, mi le dasun

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe

Babcock abi Lasu




[Outro: Basket Mouth]


Time is running out

I guess It’s time I step in

An origin of a true MC begins

Call me the King or call me the Kingpin

Eze gburugburu

Kind of the same thing

And we out


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