[Lyrics] Erigga – The End Lyrics


Who dey with my lighter abeg?

Before the album come manage this one oh (this igbo strong oh)

Abeg (omo I try man)

The time now na 2 a.m. man (wahala)

I suppose sleep, you understand?

Things full my head, my wife dey bed

Oya, Ajuwe wan talk, media shut up

The line when I draw nobody fit clean am, lock up

Wetin dey sup? Na too much cocaina?

We no be blood na, this guy na Ribena

The loyalty of a broke man fit full four cup

Give them garri keep, watch if dem no still fuck up

Small cigar money enter, you Benson switch

Dey chi-chi people wey help you wen no get shit

Wizzy really talk am

No dey give man pass wetin e deserve

Ungrateful na hin full here pass

No need to hug me Okon, shake hand make you go

We no dey quarrel, the prayer na make you blow

Sometimes, e no bad if you remind yourself

Say you be king, no be only you na hin crown yourself

Nobody know them before, na you put dem on

Me taroh shue oye ovo, the game still on

Final whistle never blow, the game still on

Na you go looseguard, drop your pad, the game still on

Young kings secure bag, the game still on

Who no loyal go riaja ekume me ta ro sho

Vers3 two suppose be about ikebe

Or girl when dey give me big head, Oziegbe

But no, I like give una gbe-gbe-gbe

Make una know say this industry don buy gbege

Walls no be human being, but them get ear

Before you spoil me give person, observe am well

E fit go be my OG, you know say Lekki small

Wetin dem talk for Chevron? We hear am for Phase one

Can you imagine? Okro wan big pass owner

No need for cutlass, na hand we take dey cut una

Life na bitch, see the way dem dey fuck una

Money don finish, see the way dem luck up una

Con block una

And we know how much dem chop una

Una hand dey hot, na why media dey rush una

The biggest scam na Top 10, street dey watch una

We know who suppose dey there, make dem knock una

All this things dem dey do you, them don do me too

But I blow, different between me and you

We no be mate, the opposite of old you new

Na soap them give you take baff, you know wetin we chew?

Career when die, God raise like Lazarus

If no be social media dem for don cancel us

I dey my backyard spot dey smoke my big-big kpef

I busy pass ashawo curtain, talk to Don Kess

No limit quench the beat, I wan make dem hear me well

Wear your nose mask, nowadays yeye dey smell

To all my real gees wen be say dey see money

Put your hands for your chest, repeat after me

Who get pass me? No be my business

I no wish you bad, Jehovah na my witness

I dey awake, na God dey watch my tower

Fuck with the bag, na to open magazine tower (abeg)

See, if media tell you say I bad, na lie I wicked

If dem say na small craze, na lie I naked

For this industry, we know who don touch money

Within ourselves, so aunty no dey form for me (no Limit)

California yourself, which one you dey Philadelphia?

Na all of us na hin corona hold oh

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